iSteak – cook steaks like a pro

I had to cook steaks for 7 last night for Christmas eve dinner, and the porch I was on wasn’t very well lit. I’m not the best BBQ chef in the best of conditions so I was a little concerned that I might turn the steaks into hockey pucks.

It got me to wondering if I could cook by time instead of by sight? How long for medium v.s. medium rare, etc…

It wasn’t long before I wondered if “there was an app for that” for my iPhone, and began surfing through iTunes. Sure enough, I stumbled across iSteak, an app that claims to be able to help you manage all kinds of different steaks (by cut, thickness, etc) and help you cook them to perfection.

I entered in everyones order, by name, and by how they wanted their steak, and started the timer.

An alarm rang for each steak for when to flip it, and when to remove the steak.
End result? 7 perfectly cooked steaks!

The best part of the app is that it allows you to continue doing whatever else it was you wanted to be doing, instead of standing over a smoking BBQ.


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