An #iPhone app built and live on iTunes in only 15 days with MotherApp!


Back on December 29th, I wrote a post about a new service from a company called MotherApp – who was offering native iPhone app development, and App Store submissions, all at no cost. It seemed too good to be true. However, here we are 15 days later, and I have my very own app in the app store! Here are the brief notes of my transaction history with MotherApp:

  • First response from my initial inquiry / form submission – Very fast. They ask for various images for your app, feeds for your blog, twitter, etc… and descriptions for the App Store, etc.
  • I emailed them about 10 days into the process, and again, got a very fast response, explaining they had a huge amount of interest, but they were still on track to get my app to the store quickly.
  • This evening, I got an email notifying me my app was in the App Store!

Some screen caps of my iPhone app:

As you can see, the application is fairly simple at this point.

Application features:

  • Access all of my blog postings
  • Access all of my twitter posts
  • Access to my YouTube videos (new)
  • Access URLS from all posts in an embedded safari browser (slick)
  • Save favorite posts
  • Stores content in memory, for access when you don’t have a data connection (great!)

I am impressed with the service, and the application features thus far. I would be willing to pay for a service like this, especially as they evolve their offering. Off the top of my head, some feature requests:

  • More control over the UI – More choice for colors/brand/etc… – also, how about different layouts?
  • Comment integration – let users comment on my posts from within the app (WordPress integration for starters)
  • Easy integration with Twitter, Facebook, and email – to share posts you like (very nice)

I will be sure to think about other features, and submit them to the great folks at MotherApp. Thanks guys – A++++ !!!!!

Feel free to download my app, and let me know what you think!

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